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In 2003, Max and Kathryn founded Rainbows4Children, and started with the idea to built a kindergarden for the children of disabled veterans in Mekele, Ethiopa. 2 years later, the first 40 toddlers could enter their new classrooms. Now, in 2018, children can complete their eduction entirely: 240 children attend the kindergarten, the primary school counts 640 students and the secondary school 360 students.  These impressive milestones have been reached thanks to the many donations, sponsorships, volunteers etc…. And there are still more plans to create a better future … Check out more on their website.

Check out this movie which explains briefly but clear what the Nicolas School stands for and how grateful the students and parents are!

Movie R4 C July2018

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With my husband and 3 children we sponsor:

Efrem, Sara and Angesom - Mekele 2017

The Gift Boxes are an extra tool to help us expanding our contribution to charity foundations we 100% believe in.

As a friend defined it very nicely: "These gifts makes at least 4 times happy - yourself as the giver, the receiver, the children in need and the photographer, who is happy to give back to the people throughout her pictures!"

Also, I am very happy I can guide people to these trustful foundations which are not only looking for donations or sponsorships, but also welcome things like school equipment, clothes, toys, books  or your time and/or knowledge as a volunteer!

Should you require additional information, want to share some thoughts or just want to say hello, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Warmest regards,

Handetekening Hetty