My name is Hetty Hameleers, founder of Shoot! The Original, since 2011 based in Zurich, Switzerland, but often visiting my hometown, Antwerp in Belgium.

The camera is my tool to create things that give me pleasure, and that enables me to give joy to others. Like the brush for a painter, the pencil for a writer or the guitar for a singer-songwriter. Certainly in portrait photography, the primary goal is for people to be happy with their pictures of course, but the biggest compliment is when they enjoyed a great time making them.

My incentive for continuously trying new things, through its many different forms, was perfect for me to explore and develop new skills. Most of all it offers me the chance to work not only with other photographers but also other creative people on very diverse projects.  

One of these projects is OPTES, a collective of professionals specialized in 360° and 3D virtual imaging (see www.optes.eu).

Also SHOOT! The Original will become more and more a platform where diverse photographers and creative artists will work together on diverse projects.

So always welcome to contact me if you have new ideas, projects, for a cup of coffee or just to say hello!




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